Why Use a UTE Storage Box?

UTE Storage Box

There is a large range of lockable tool boxes available for external mounting on vehicles. Many of these are permanently mounted under or upon a Ute tray. Some are designed to be detachable, so they can be taken to the place they are used. The right type of Ute storage box proves very valuable to tradespeople.

Advantages of a UTE Storage Box

– Tool boxes offer protection for tools from the weather.
– The right tool boxes can keep items neat and well organized. This makes work easier.
– Often a UTE Storage Box is lockable. This prevents theft.
– By keeping the tools in the Ute Storage Box on the vehicle you will not need to pack and unload the tools each time you use the vehicle. You will always be packed and ready to go.
– If the tool box is mounted under the Ute tray it allows you to keep the space on the top of the tray free for other materials.
– Some tool boxes are designed to sit above the Ute tray, so other materials can be stored underneath. This also allows the entire surface of the tray to be used, without the tool box getting in the way.

Our tool boxes are made from rust-proof steel or aluminum. So they will be extremely robust and last for years.

UTE Storage Box

Have your trade vehicle outfitted with Ute storage boxes. This protects tools and means you will always be packed and ready.