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What Accessories Your Vehicle Need

What accessories will your vehicle really need? Instead of being swayed by glossy advertisements, do some research and look at your own experience, situation, and intentions. Makes a distinction between what you are told you want and what you really need.

Look at what others in your situation are using. Are all the other 4WD owners finding a certain accessory useful? This is not a case of doing it just because others do it. It is a case of finding out what others have found useful.

List of our Accessory Range


This is the main line of defense against any animal that we, unfortunately, might hit. A decent-sized kangaroo can cause a lot of damage to the front of a car if we don’t have a bull-bar upfront. This same bull bar also proves useful if we have to drive through scrubs and small trees.

Bull bars are also the place to mount driving lights, winches, and the front of long items like fishing rods that hang over the roof rack.

Aluminium Roof Rack

Perhaps the most common addition to any vehicle, a roof rack is almost indispensable if we want to carry an extra load.

Roof racks prove useful for everything from personal 4WDs to tradesmen vehicles. Items that cannot fit inside the vehicle because of size, or items like fuel tanks that we would rather not carry with the passengers, can easily be accommodated on the roof rack.

As no two vehicles are alike so every roof rack must be designed to suit the individual model of car. But there is a roof rack available for every 4WD currently manufactured.

Gas Tank Holders

4WD campers probably use LPG gas cooking or a gas-powered fridge. Having a dedicated gas tank holder means your tank can be held securely while still affording you easy access. And it gives you a little bit of extra room on the roof rack.

Fuel Tank Holders

As with the LPG gas holder having an extra fuel holder means keeping the spare fuel can away from the passengers inside. Mounted outside the fuel can is secure but in easy reach.

Many people underestimate the amount of fuel needed when off-road. Soft surfaces like sand increase fuel consumption by up to 50%. Have the extra fuel for when you need it.

Tool Boxes Perth

Trade vehicles are outfitted with many toolboxes and drawers for all the equipment that they carry. But even the most humble 4WD will carry a few tools. Consider at least one aluminum tool boxes for your private vehicle.

Air intake Snorkle

This allows the vehicle to cross moderately deep water. The engine can receive the necessary cool air when the intake is kept up high, above the waterline.

Dual batteries

We can be stuck if we lose battery power. As well as starting the engine we need the power for GPS, lights, fridges, and perhaps a winch. A second battery can make all the difference.


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