Vehicle Tent Mounting

Aluminium Roof Rack

Many 4WD journeys will use a tent for overnight accommodation. This is because the very nature of 4WD travel over harsh terrain means there will rarely be a hotel at the end of the day’s travel, and taking a caravan is literally impossible. So you have to bring your own accommodation with you. this usually means a tent it there is anything more than two people.

It takes some time to set up a tent. And this may be the last thing you want to do if you are cold and hungry at the end of the day, especially if it is already dark.

A quick way to solve this is to have a tent that mounts to the top of the vehicle. This is fairly quick to set up. And it takes us fairly little space beyond the vehicle itself. It will also avoid any problems of having to set up on a wet surface.

A roof-mounted tent will usually have enough room for a double bed on top of the vehicle and then fold out to give some living space on the side. The fold-out section will need to be secured with some poles and tent pegs, but this is a simple and quick matter. Roof-mounted tents are quick to set up.

Because tents are fairly light they will not cause problems with stability. Where a heavy load on the roof affects stability by raising the centre of gravity a tent is so light that it hardly makes a difference. So the vehicle will be stable.

About the only disadvantage of having a roof mounted is that the roof rack cannot be used for anything else.

Roof Racks Perth

Custom-made roof racks can be used to mount tents or equipment to the top of any 4WD vehicle. Have your vehicle fitted out the way you want.