Vehicle Storage Space

The right storage space is essential for anybody who uses their vehicle for trade. Plumbers, electricians, TV installers, and other trade work carry a wide assortment of tools and materials. Many of these are heavy-duty items. Others are delicate pieces of measuring equipment. Sorting these things safely and categorically is important if the trade business is to run efficiently

We can outfit a Ute, van, or another heavy vehicle to carry all the tools of the trade. You can have the vehicle standing by ready to be used, with no need to load up and sort the equipment each time.

Our Range of Vehicle Storage Solutions

Aluminium Tool boxes Perth

The most fundamental item for any trade. Rather than have individual tool boxes that may slide around the vehicle as you drive why not store the majority of materials with inbuilt tool boxes. Save the portable toolbox for the general tools.

Steel Ute tool boxes

These will hold many heavy tools and items. Great if this is what the trade needs.

Ute Drawer System

Some traders need tools sorted into categories. Having drawers in the vehicle is great for this sort of thing. Electrician, or computer and TV repair people do well to have sets of tool draws in their vehicles.

MegaChest Range

Jaram’s MegaChest range of premium vehicle-mounted tool boxes is assisting the nation’s trade workers to get organised, saving them both time and money in the process.

Jaram’s Megachest tool boxes are certainly made for life. Constructed from powder-coated, galvanized steel, Megachest provides the highest quality Ute tool box in Australia.

These tool boxes will last through years and years of use in the harshest of working environments.

Aluminum Roof Rack

This is external storage for your vehicle. You probably won’t leave the item permanently on the roof, but it’s great if that particular job requires a few heavy pipes, a large antenna, or heavy-duty cable.

carry items on the roof when you don’t want to rearrange the equipment already stored inside the vehicle.

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