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Vehicle Roll Over Protection

Roll over protection structure is for the safety of a vehicle’s passengers. This rollover protection consists of an engineered frame inside the vehicle cabin. In the event of an accident, should the vehicle overturn, the rollover protection structure prevents the passenger from being crushed.

Rollover protection structure was initially used in car racing, and then in the mining industry when safety requirements were updated. Jaram was involved in the research and compliance for optimising the rollover protection designs. Adding these engineered frames to the inside of your vehicle provides an extra level of safety.

Jaram Roll Bar Compliance:

  • Jaram Roll Bars are Engineer certified.
  • All Jaram Roll Bars for light vehicles are designed to the LK9/10 standards.
  • Every side Air Bag fitted Vehicle has an Air Bag Deployment Test to ensure compliance to the applicable standards.
  • Maximum clearances are determined through the LK standard and the roll bar is made to fully comply accordingly.
  • Jaram’s unique bending capabilities ensure the product is made with maximum cabin room for the occupants.

Need A Roll Over Protection Fit Out?

An efficient business operation requires the right roof rack and the right tools to be fitted out in your vehicle. Jaram has the largest range in Perth ….roof racks, shelving, toolboxes, flooring, and other accessories for outfitting any trade vehicle. This means Vans, Trucks, and Utes that look impressive and are always ready for work.


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