Vehicle Outfitting and Window Protection

Vehicle Outfitting and Window Protection

Many of us with professional company vehicles will do some customisation that suits our line of business. This is not too difficult if we get professional accessories, and the moderate cost of including storage space, Tradesmen roof racks, or protective equipment is well worth it when we consider the benefits for our company work.

Personal 4WDs also benefit from the addition of roof racks, and front protection bars. The additional storage space makes all the difference for camping and carrying sporting equipment.

Some common additions to vehicles include.

  • Steel Ute tool boxes
  • Tradesmen roof racks
  • Aluminum roof rack
  • Ute tray tool boxes
  • Ute draw system


A generation ago many 4WD vehicles would be fitted with a mesh windscreen protector. These have largely fallen out of favor. This is partly because of improved glass technology, with new windscreens more likely to chip rather than break. There was also some controversy over the mesh affecting the visibility through the windscreen.

One worth addition to nearly all vehicles is tinted windows. At one point dark tinted windows were a fashion item. But they could also include a functional advantage, greatly reducing the UV and infrared light coming into the car’s interior. By reducing the infrared light (basically heat) a car’s interior could be kept much cooler; we didn’t have to put with a car that was hot when left parked in the summer heat. By reducing UV light (which causes sunburn) the window tinting prevented sun damage to the interior of the car, and to the passengers.

Modern window tinting can filter out almost all UV and infrared energy without affecting visibility.