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Vehicle Lift Regulations

Different states in Australia have sightly different laws regarding vehicle lift. Over the part few years these laws have changed to be more consistent between states. 4WD vehicles that do not adhere to these regulations can be deemed illegal for use on the road. Fines will apply.

Vehicle Lift

Vehicle lift refers to one of several procedures to raise the clearance of the vehicle. This offers an advantage to the use of the car in heavy, difficult terrain; by being higher off the ground the underside of the 4WD is less likely to hit by anything on the ground.

We might raise the 4WD clearance height by fitting larger tires, by altering the suspension, or occasionally by raising the body off the chassis, if the vehicle design allows this.

But there are legal limits to the amount the vehicle can be raised.

Queensland changed its laws in 2018, which are now similar to other states.

The suspension of the car can be altered to raise the vehicle by no more than 50 mm.
Tires can be used to raise the vehicle by no more than 25 mm. This translates to tires that are 50 mm larger than the standard tires fitted by the manufacturer.

So the combined vehicle lift is no more than 75 mm, 50 mm in the suspension, 25 mm by the tires.

A vehicle might be raised by up to twice this height if certified to do so.

Western Australia

As with most states combined vehicle lift is a total of no more than 75 mm, 50 mm in the suspension, 25 mm by the tires.

Wheel Spacers

It is illegal to put spacers to increase the space between the tires and the vehicle body, at least for use on the road.

Overweight Load Issues

If you aren’t towing anything the payload capacity is usually between 600 and 1000 kg. The roof rack, bull-bar, fuel tanks, and passengers are part of this total weight.

Items like an aluminium roof rack are lighter, so these keep the total weight a little lower.

Roof Racks Perth

A roof rack cannot exceed 2.5 meters in length, and no load may hang more than 150 mm past the sides of the vehicle.


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