Vehicle Legal Restrictions

Aluminium Roof Rack

All the accessories and modifications for a 4WD are designed to be both practical and safe. This is for a good reason. It is all to easy to make alterations without realizing the potential risks. Legal requirements and safety regulations tend to be closely aligned.

There are a few things to watch when outfitting your vehicle.

  • Suspension lift – This is the raising of the height of the vehicle off the ground. There is usually a limit of 50mm (2 inches), though a few vehicles are occasionally permitted to have more.
  • Diesel Particle Filter – These cannot be removed.
  • Overloading the roof Rack. There is usually a 100kg limit, and this includes the rack itself! An aluminium roof rack is light and strong, so it allows a heavy load.
  • A heavy load on top will make the vehicle unstable, changing the centre of gravity.
  • Having wheels that are too wide is an issue. A 50mm increase over factory standard is usually the limit.
  • Do not remove rear mud flaps. These prevent a lot of flying gravel on some road conditions.
  • Do not modify the chassis
  • Fishing rod holders must not be mounted in front of the bull bar.
  • Combining different brand accessories, a different bull-bar and scrub-bar, there can be legal issues.
  • Changing halogen lights to LED. The reflectors behind these lights are different, so the LED light will scatter and blind oncoming traffic.
  • Installing too many front lights. The maximum is 4 in most states.
  • Having a Ute tray that is too long. The general tool is 60% of the vehicle length.

4WD and Tradesman Roof Racks

The roof rack is usually limited to 2.5 meters total, and cannot be 150mm wider than the vehicle.

A custom roof rack will always be the optimal solution, and fully compliant.