Vehicle Drawer System for equipment storage

Jaram knows how to set up any trade vehicle with drawers for equipment storage. We have a wide range of slide-out drawers suitable for vans, small trucks, 4WDs, and utility vehicles.

A well-designed drawer system in a vehicle has several advantages.

  • Easy accessibility with drawers.
  • Tools and equipment can be sorted into categories.
  • Delicate meters and heavy tools are separated and stored safely.
  • The vehicle will have all the tools packed, always ready for work.
  • Drawers will maximise the space available.
  • Tools and equipment can be locked away, secure from theft.
  • Less back strain from bending over, or picking up heavy toolboxes.
  • Drawer systems look professional.

Vehicle drawer systems can be combined with roof racks, toolboxes, floor coverings, and cargo barriers in order to fit out a professional vehicle. They also work well for some 4WDs set up for camping.

Have you professional or private vehicle optimally set up for any situation.