Vehicle Draw Systems

Commercial vehicles for plumbers, electricians, and other trades require a considerable amount of storage space. This is needed for both delicate equipment and heavy tools, things that we don’t want knocking against each other. It is possible to store these in loose toolboxes and crates. But is it far better to have permanent storage in the vehicle, so there is far less chance of heavy or delicate items moving about as we drive.

Here are our storage options:

Tool Boxes Perth

‌‌Some tools we carry together in a portable tool box. We might also store these same tools together in the vehicle according to categories. Permanently fitted toolboxes in a truck or van are safe, not moving about inside the vehicle. We can choose the tools we need when on site for a vehicle that is outfitted with the right equipment.

UTE Storage Box

‌‌ Some empty storage boxes are useful on a vehicle. In addition to the standard equipment we always carry there will often be the certain supplies we need for a particular job. It is useful to have some contained space set aside for the heavy duty cable or pipes that we need for a particular project.

UTE Tray Tool Boxes

Tray tool boxes will carry a heavy load, yet still slide out for easy access. This allows us to use the maximum space inside the vehicle, as the draw can be deep enough to slide deep into the vehicle, and hold large items.

UTE Drawer System

‌‌Tool Drawers allow us to have a wide selection of tool, tape, meters and other equipment all categorized and in easy reach. Tool drawers also keep these items safe, and separated from heavy equipment which might otherwise damage them.

Tradesman Roof Racks

A roof rack can be invaluable for carrying item like ladders and long pipes that would never fit inside a vehicle.

Need a Vehicle Draw System?

A well equipped truck, outfitted with draws, tool boxes and other storage space, will always be ready for a job. And once we have verified the weight limits there is not need to check each time we use the vehicle. One its set up it’s basically always good to go.

Talk to us, so you can have the right professional vehicle, that can hold the right tools for your trade.
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