Ute Tool Boxes for Efficient Production

Steel Ute Tool Boxes And Storage Options

Many trades require a vehicle fitted out with specific trade-appropriate equipment. This means the vehicle needs the right storage facilities. There are many storage options here, so we can have what is appropriate for the specific trade, the specific vehicle, and the specific individual.

Vans are popular for many trades and professions. They have the advantages of large storage space and a lockable door. The interior of the van can be fitted with shelves and drawers for equipment and supplies. Drawers can be used to keep delicate equipment (multimeters, laptops …etc.) separate from heavy items like hammers and spanners. Shelves are found for rolls of cable and bottles of cleaning fluid.

The only disadvantages of a van are the inability to hold items larger than the storage space (you can’t fit a large ladder inside the van), and the fact that they do not tolerate wet items very well. A wet floor in a van can lead to rust.

A roof rack on a van is a good option for larger items (ladders, lengths of pipe) and wet items.

Utes have a fair amount of storage space, which can be set up for various types of trade work. The only disadvantage of a Ute is that the space cannot be locked up. But even this can be changed if we have a lockable toolbox.

Steel Ute Tool Boxes

We can keep tools permanently packed in steel Ute tool boxes, and they are secure under lock and key. This means a Ute can be ready for work with everything prepacked. This proved efficient for the company’s operation.

The options for steel Ute tool boxes are many. If you need to retain most of the space on the Ute tray then the tool boxes can be fitted beneath the tray, in front of, or behind the wheels. Alternately, large lockable steel Ute tool boxes can be fitted to the tray itself. There is also the option to have a toolbox over the top of the tray, leaving space below. This means large supplies can be kept underneath the storage tool boxes.

Steel Ute tool boxes are lockable, watertight, and rust resistant enough to last for years, probably longer than the vehicle. They are a sound investment for any trade.

Steel Ute Tool Boxes

Have your van or Ute fitted with tool boxes and other storage equipment. Have your vehicle always ready for work.