Ute Tool Boxes for Trade Vehicle

Ute Tool Boxes

If you use a Ute for your business, or for some home DIY work, you will be carrying some tools, equipment, and construction supplies. Exactly what you carry at any particular point will vary; there will be different materials used for different projects. But chances are you will always be carrying tools.

Trade vehicles are often fitted with ute tool boxes. These permanent additions to the vehicle are there to securely hold all those tools that are used on a regular basis. Fitting these ute tool boxes offer several advantages.

  • The vehicle is always ready to go, the tools already packed.
  • The tools are protected from the weather.
  • Because the toolboxes are attached to the vehicle, they will not slide about. This is an important safety consideration.
  • Toolboxes can be locked shut, so the tools are safe from theft.
  • The tools can be accessed from the outside of the vehicle. You can leave the car doors locked but still have an open tool box.
  • Some ute tool boxes can be mounted underneath the ute tray, so they don’t take up any of the tray’s storage space.

Ute tool boxes can be made from a variety of materials. Modern designs are often aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel, or powder-coated steel. Unlike older steel designs these new tool boxes are virtually rust and corrosion proof. And while they are strong and sturdy they are still reasonably light, especially aluminium.

There are several options for Ute tool boxes

  • Mounted under the truck bed, in front or behind the wheels. This keeps the bed space clear.
  • Storage drawers are especially good for delicate equipment like multimeters.
  • Crossover Boxes are mounted behind the truck cab. They leave most of the bed space available for other loads.
  • Side mount Boxes, which run along the sides of the truck bed. These are easy to access.
  • Wheel well boxes. Some utes have the metal cover for the wheel intruding into the truck bed. These tool boxes fit behind this wheel well, so they do not really intrude further into the load space.

Ute Tool Boxes

Professionally outfit your trade vehicle with ute tool boxes. Look the part, and always be ready for the job.