Ute Drawer System

Jaram’s Ute Drawer System

We offer a wide selection of slide-out ute drawer systems and storage drawers. These are ideal for utes, 4WDs, and vans, at Jaram Australia. Our 4WD drawer systems suit a range of users: individuals, from weekend campers to tradesmen, and much more. Ever since Jaram’s early years, that’s 43 years ago, our team has been providing high-quality storage solutions to clients Australia-wide.

Our rollaway 4WD drawer systems offer access to your vehicle storage. This is way more convenient than anything you’ve seen before. So it’s time to say bye to back strain or other inconveniences. With well-researched development and design, our 4×4 drawers provide access to various configurations for any application or trade.

Created and designed by the same designers of the Tracklander Roof Racks, the Drawers have the same principles of quality assurance, reliability, durability, strength, and convenience that are bought about by over 43 years of design experience.

This drawer system has endured optimal strength testing.  Our Draws have passed all the tests so the Drawers have proven their worth as the best value-for-money products in the drawers for utes world. We guarantee a 180kg load rating at 100% extension. Popularly recognized as the ideal traveling companion, the Tracklander Drawers integrate the efficiency of the ultimate storage solution and guarantee strength for years to come.

On top of that, you’ll have peace of mind. Because our drawers feature the same focus points as the Tracklander Roof Racks.

Need a Ute Drawer system?

Looking for the ideal storage drawer system for your ute, 4WD, or van? Check out our comprehensive range of slide-out ute drawer systems, here. For more details on our storage systems, visit our showroom today.