Types of Ute Tool Boxes

Ute Tool Boxes

Aluminium or steel tool boxes for the ute can be relied on for a variety of purposes. And they come in several designs suitable for different vehicles and different trades. The right toolbox will make your job a little bit easier, so it is worth the investment.
What to look for with Ute tool boxes:

  • It should hold all the tools you need.
  • The material should be corrosion/rust proof.
  • It should separate out the delicate objects from the heavy tools, for protection.
  • The design should provide easy access to the contents.
  • Doors should open and close smoothly, not slam shut.
  • A lock is essential.
  • The ute tool boxes should not take up too much space on the Ute tray, which you need for other purposes.

It is this last point that is overlooked by newcomers, but experienced tradies know they will need that space on the ute tray. So experienced tradies look for the practical, creative solution for positioning the tool boxes.

Ute tool boxes can be mounted under the ute tray, behind, or in front of the rear wheel. Or they can be mounted above the ute tray, so the floor of the tray can still be used for carrying larger objects. In some cases the Ute tool boxes are mounted behind the cab, leaving most of the ute tray open for other purposes.

Ute tool boxes can be one of several design options.

  • Under the tray behind the rear wheels.
  • Under the tray in front of the rear wheels.
  • Crossover Boxes are mounted behind the truck cab, above the tray floor.
  • Toolboxes are mounted on the tray floor behind the truck cabin.
  • Side mount boxes. These run along the sides of the ute tray and are probably the easiest to access.
  • Wheel well boxes. Some utes have the metal cover for the wheel intruding into the truck bed. These tool boxes fit behind this wheel well, so they do not really intrude further into the load space.

Ute Tool Boxes

Trade vehicles, trucks, and utes benefit from Ute storage boxes for tools and supplies. Some designs are mounted under or above the Ute tray.