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Types of Roof Rack

Roof Racks Perth

Most cars don’t need a roof rack most of the time. So if there is no reason to use one, then don’t have a roof-rack fitted to your vehicle. It will save you some fuel costs not to have that roof-rack up there. But if you are a tradesman or a 4WD enthusiast you will find a roof-rack is often useful, sometime essential. it can be the best way to carry some equipment.

4WD and Tradesman Roof Racks

The purpose of a roof rack is usually to gain more storage, or occasionally provide a different place for storage, a place outside the vehicle.

A roof-rack is ideal if you have items that could be stored inside the vehicle, but would be better kept outside. This includes spare fuel cans, LPG bottles, or portable toilets. These may smell poor, and can be an issue if they leak if stored outside there is little to no issue.

Other large items like mountain bikes, surfboards, small boats/canoes, fishing rods, and tents (including rooftop tents) are often transported on roof-racks. These may literally not fit inside the vehicle. But even if they could be put inside, they are best left to the roof-rack so water and mud won’t dirty up the inside of the vehicle.


Aluminium Roof Rack

These are lighter than steel rack, yet still more than strong enough for most situations. The weight is more of an issue than most people realize. You vehicle will only be rated for a certain maximum load, and the weight of the roof rack is a considerable part of this. A heavy roof rack will (paradoxically) mean that you cannot carry heavy loads without exceeding the weight restriction. A light roof rack mean a little bit more load before you exceed the restriction.

A steel cage roof rack may way 70kg. An aluminium one might only weight 20kg. If the vehicle is rated at 100kg load this makes a big difference.

Roof Bars

This is the simplest type of roof rack, and while it is not very versatile it is more than enough for a couple of fishing rods, a surf board and a some luggage. They might also take a bike. If this is all you need then a pair of roof bars that run across the top of the vehicle (side to side) is an inexpensive yet useful option.

Mesh Basket

This is another light and cheap option. It is fine for luggage and some fishing gear. The mesh of the roof-rack makes it easy to secure the load. These are fine for light vehicles.

Full Length Cages

This is a more serious version of the basket, but capable of carrying a much larger load. These tend to be found on 4WDs that can carry heavy loads.

Solar Panels

A Solar panel on the roof might be used to power a fridge or charge a second battery. This is not an especially heavy load but the solar panel must be securely fitted, and the rood rack is probably custom designed for this.

Roof Racks Perth

Roof racks are often custom designed for each make of vehicle. This means a high quality, suitable rack at a reasonable price.

Have the rack that make the best use of your vehicle.


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