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Tradesman Roof Rack

Consider a Tradesman Roof Rack

Many trades require vehicles that can at least occasionally carry larger loads. So tradesmen often buy vans, utes or small trucks. This is often sufficient for cleaners, electricians, and most trades for most of the time. But there will occasionally be the need for larger loads than a van might carry. Plumbers might need long pipes, or other trades might carry wet, dirty equipment best kept outside the vehicle. Or a cleaner might need a ladder. We might carry these items on a trailer, or on a tradesman roof rack.

Trailers have some advantages, being able to carry quite heavy loads without weighing down the vehicle. But they cannot carry an item longer than the trailer. So the size of the load is important. Roof racks can prove useful will long items, like ladders or pipes. If the vehicle is reasonably long (like a van) then it can carry a fairly long item on the roof rack. It is possible to carry items slightly longer than the vehicle (projecting load). We have all seen ladders being carried on roof racks that slightly overhang the vehicle’s front and back. This is usually allowable within moderation. Different Australian states have slightly different rules for this.

Advice for a Tradesman Roof Rack

Roof racks can be made of aluminium or steel. Aluminium is lightweight and rust-proof (under reasonable conditions). It is also moderately strong if the roof rack is well-designed. So aluminium is good for light and medium load situations, including most private vehicles. Tradesmen might have an aluminium roof rack for carrying ladders, pipes, lengths of timber and other moderate loads.

Steel roof racks are stronger, but also heavier. This is a limitation because the vehicle can only carry a certain amount of weight. Often this is about 100 kg on a small truck. If the steel roof rack weighs 50Kg there will only be 50 kg left for the equipment. It is better to have a lighter roof rack (say, 30 kg) so there is more capacity for the equipment (say 70 kg).

Steel will flex when under pressure. This is not desirable, but it can be tolerated. Aluminium, by contrast, tends to fracture when under pressure, which means breakage of the roof rack.

A Tradesman Roof Racks is:

  • Custom Designed for the Vehicle
  • 100% Off-Road Load Rating
  • Lightweight and Aerodynamic Design
  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • Will flex according to the flex of the vehicle
  • 5-Year Unlimited KM Product Guarantee.

Tradesman Roof Rack

Have your trade vehicle set up with the right equipment. We have custom roof racks, shelving, toolboxes & other accessories.



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