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Courier Service/Transport

Load carrying specialists for load carriers

Couriers are an essential part of an economical delivery system for the construction and other industries.

Over the many years in assisting these trades with quality fitouts, what stands out as most important is a flexible and reliable load carrying system for carrying a variety of different loads and minimising loading times. Quick and easy methods of securing loads to maximise the amount of driving time by are also very important.

Ways to improve operator efficiency in this industry has been to:

  • Analyse the type of loads being carried and provide options that enable the quickest loading and easiest ways to secure random loads.
  • Understand the type of products being carried and ensure the structure provides enough support and adaptability to safely secure the range without damaging the products.
  • Evaluate the best strapping systems for the loads carried and make sure adequate storage is provided.

Special removable racks members are required in this situation to provide adequate flexibility for different types of loads

Typical Jaram Australia’s products supplied to courier tradespeople include:

  • Removable Rear Load Bar
  • Centre Load Bar
  • Front Nudge Bar
  • Removable Front H Bar
  • Straps
  • Seat covers
  • Floor mats
  • Red Dirt
  • Edgetech
  • Mega Chest toolboxes
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