Transforming your plain service vehicles into the most efficient production machines possible


Creating the Ultimate work vehicle.

Over the many years working with Tradesman to create quality vehicle fitouts, what has stood out as most important has been the ability to have a vehicle fully loaded while still maintaining a workspace where everything is easy to find and get to, giving you the most efficient production machine possible.

Custom Trade Vehicle Fit Outs

At Jaram Australia, we provide custom van fit outs that transform your plain service vehicle into the most efficient production machine possible.

Since Jaram’s establishment 43 years ago, we’ve built thousands of vehicles, for all types of trades and in all areas of Australia. We build for national fleets, and the benefit of this experience and expertise is applied to every situation no matter how large or small.

Each of our builds are created from scratch. We consult with you (because you know your business best) to gain a full understanding of what you’re carrying and what is important to you.

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