Solutions for your equipment

Jaram has a large range of equipment for the many and varied tasks carried our within this Trade.

Over the many years in assisting maintenance teams with quality fitouts, we have developed a range of systems. These include a number of secure lockup systems for tools and equipment, reliable ladder carrying systems, along with sealing and ventilation to provide a fume free driving environment.

Some of the most effective ways to improve operator efficiency in this industry have been:

  • Analyse the type of ladders being carried and offer the options that enable the quickest loading, easiest to secure, and which complement the vehicle.
  • Based on the ladders being carried, ensure enough room is provided to also carry the necessary materials.
  • Identify the chemicals being used to provide ventilation or sealing measures to prevent chemical vapour obtrusion into the cabin area.
  • Evaluate what tools are used every day and make sure a place for each item is considered.
  • The provision of practical, safe and easy methods of securing