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The Tracklander Roof Rack is available for almost every 4WD vehicle. From the original gutter mount vehicles to the latest release 4WD, ask us about Tracklander Roof Rack options for your vehicle.

Dual Cab / Extra Cab Ute

Shorter versions of the Tracklander Roof Rack are available to suit Dual Cab Utes. With its upmarket appearance and carefully considered dimensions, the Tracklander not only looks great but also provides excellent aerodynamics when fitted to your Ute.

Ute with canopy

Tracklander Roof Racks can be fitted to ABS/Fibreglass canopies using our unique canopy support system. This system is provided with a load rating of 200kgs, and adjusts to most canopy designs with minimal impact on interior space.

The Tracklander Story

Your Tracklander Roof Rack incorporates over 40 years of experience in roof rack design and manufacture. Since 1975, Jaram Australia has been making roof racks for all kinds of vehicles, and to suit the rugged conditions of Australia’s outback. During this time, we have learnt many lessons about vehicle movement, the effect of corrugations and off-road usage on the roof rack and vehicle, wind noise, load securing and many other issues that affect 4WD enthusiasts every day.

The Tracklander Roof Rack incorporates all of this experience to provide you with the ultimate load carrying platform for your 4WD, providing the strength and durability to tackle the most challenging off-road tracks with a full load. Available with a complete range of accessories and a stylish, modern design, the Tracklander Roof Rack gives you the confidence you need when tackling your next adventure.


Tracklander engineering eliminates stress points associated with most roof racks, providing a roof rack system that will outlast your vehicle.

Plank Base

The Tracklander Plank Base provides flexible load securing options. A range of accessories can fitted to the plank system to assist with tying-down your load.

Load Securing

The Tracklander Mesh Base is welded at every contact point along the base of the roof rack. This provides unlimited, strong tie-down points and increased strength for the roof rack.


Tracklander Roof Racks are finished in UV stabilised, 2 1/2 thickness ‘Satin Black’ powdercoat. All roof racks are acid dipped for optimum powdercoat adhesion, so that your roof rack stays looking great for many years to come.

Can Be Transferred to Other Vehicles

Tracklander Roof Racks can be transferred to other vehicles by changing the leg mounts. *Gutter mount roof racks are only transferable to other gutter mount vehicles.

Protection For Your Vehicle

Tracklander incorporates our unique Flex-Tech engineering, protecting your vehicle in off-road situations. Gutter Mounted Roof Racks are provided with a unique gutter support system to reinforce and protect the gutters.

Quiet Travel

The Tracklander Roof Rack utilises aerodynamic design principles to provide a quiet travel and minimise impact on fuel consumption. A ‘high impact acrylic’ wind deflector is fitted to all Tracklander Roof Rack’s.


Utilising thick wall aluminium extrusion and unique bracing technology, the Tracklander provides unrivalled strength and load carrying capabilities.

Tracklander Accessories

Customise your rack for maximum use

  • Gas Bottle Holder
  • Double Jerry Can Holder
  • Shade Clamps
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Hi Lift Jack Holder
  • Universal Holder
  • Spotlight/Aerial Mounting Bracket
  • Front Mount Spotlight Brackets

Types of Tracklander Roof Racks

We've got you covered

Enclosed Tracklander

The original and most popular Tracklander, this model is perfect for camping and long 4×4 trips. The sturdy perimetre rail will not crush or bend when tying down you load. This model comes with the “high impact acrylic wind deflector” and mesh floor as standard.

Open-Ended Tracklander

Open ended models are made for carrying long items. Tradesman during the week – camper on the weekend.

Tent-Topper Tracklander

This Tracklander comes with no top rail around the rear section of the rack to accommodate a roof top tent. It also comes complete with a “high impact acrylic wind deflector” and mesh floor, for the security and protection of your recovery gear.

Flat Tracklander

Completely flat platform gives you as much or as little space as you need. Built in cross bars means the rack is lower and aerodynamic, reducing risk of wind noise.

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