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Shelves & UTE Storage Boxes

Shelves, Racks and UTE Storage Box

Imagine running a trade business with everything well organised. This is both an impossibility and a possibility, depending on what we mean by being organised. It is impossible to be well organised when you are answering emergency calls to fix plumbing, or trying to fit all your customer appointment into one busy morning. But it is possible to be well organised if that means having your tools and equipment stored and set up to go. This can be done by fitting out your vehicle with the right shelves, racks, and storage boxes.

Advantages of having Shelves, Racks and UTE Storage Box

If we fit out a vehicle well then there are several advantages:

– Increased productivity. When things are well organised it is easy to find them. So we get more done when we don’t waste time looking for the right size spanner. This translates into either more time earning money, or at least some spare time.
– You are always ready to go. You don’t have to pack the vehicle each time (or unpack at the end of the day). Everything is already there.
– Be sure of where everything is. If all your tools and equipment have a place in the vehicle you will know if something is missing. This greatly reduces the chance of losing an item.
– Easy access and ergonomics. Lifting heavy items in an enclosed space can be very awkward, and bad for the back. If these item are stored next to the access doors you suffer far less strain. Or you might have a drop-down rack or ladder to provide easy access.
– Protection – The tools and equipment will not roll around the back of the vehicle if they are stored properly. And delicate equipment like meters, laptop computers or scanners can be kept separately from heavy tool and supplies.
– Safety – Securely stored tools are far safer. And you can have improved visibility if the tools are off to the side and out of sight, rather than in one big box behind your seat.

When to use a UTE Storage Box

There are UTE Storage Boxes in various designs. These are made to fit into or onto the tray area of the back of a Ute. Some are even designed to fit under the tray, in front of or behind the rear wheel.
– Chest Box – This is a sturdy metal box that sits firmly in place on the tray of the Ute.
– Saddle Box /Cross box – This has wings on the side that are actually slightly wider than the Ute tray. It sits on the side of the tray, allowing some space beneath to be kept free
– Side mount Boxes, which run along the sides of the truck bed. These are easy to access.
– Mounted under the truck bed, in front or behind the wheels. These keep the bed space clear.
– Wheel well boxes. These tool boxes fit behind the raised section around the rear wheel, so they do not really intrude further into the load space.

UTE Storage Box

The right storage equipment in your ute or trade vehicle makes work easier and safer. Be professional with a trade vehicle fit out.


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