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Safety and Tradesman Roof Racks

Tradesman Roof Racks and Ute Storage Box

If you have a vehicle set up for a trade you probably use the roof rack and any ute storage box on a regular basis. In fact, there are often tools and supplies permanently stored in the vehicle, so it is always packed and ready for work.

Safety and Tradesman Roof Racks

Roof racks are ideal for larger items and anything that we want to keep away from the passengers, like wet pipes or cans of oil. This is fine, as long as we follow some basic safety guidelines.

  • Keep the weight limit in mind. A vehicle will only hold a certain amount before the handling is badly compromised, and the suspension stained. a truck will obviously carry a heavier load than a family car, and not having passengers in the car helps keep the weight down. But make sure you stay under the limit given in the car owner’s manual.
  • Centre of gravity. This is how the weight is distributed. If there is a lot of weight on the top of the vehicle then the centre of gravity is high, and the vehicle will be less stable. This can make turning a corner rather dangerous. Keep heavier items low down, preferably in the back of the vehicle. Use the roof rack for large, bulky but lightweight items.
  • Height of the load on top. This seems obvious when packing, but it is too easy to forget about the extra height once we are driving, and the load is out of sight. Please don’t go under a low bridge or enter an underground car park if there is a large load on your car roof.
  • Load shift. Again, quite basic. Make sure everything on the roof rack is tied down and unable to move. And remember that the load will experience high winds when the car is driving at any speed.
  • Easy Access. This is less important on vacation because we tend to unpack when we reach the destination. But trades persons with gear on the roof of their vehicle may only need to access a few items for a particular job. Avoid a situation where you have to unpack everything on the roof rack just to access one particular item.

Tradesmen Vehicle Ute Storage Box

A Ute storage box has some advantages over a roof rack. It is installed low down on the vehicle, so it won’t raise the centre of gravity. This low position also means it is easy to access, you don’t need a ladder to climb to the top of the roof. Furthermore, the storage boxes can be locked, something harder to do on a roof rack.

Tradesman Roof Racks and Ute Storage Box

We outfit trade vehicles with storage facilities so they are always ready for any job. Be prepared with proven, reliable accessories.


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