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Preventing Rust For Tradesman Roof Racks

Rust was once the bane of all vehicles and their accessories. Everything seemed to rust over time, and vehicle owners would put a great deal of time into putting off the inevitable effects of time. Today this is far less of an issue, as technology has produced rust-resilient vehicles. Yet rust may be an issue under extreme conditions, especially in 4WD or trades vehicles are used in extreme conditions, or even near the saltwater ocean.

Rust is the corrosion that affects most metals. Some metals like aluminium or stainless steel will not rust unless exposed to salt, or occasionally when joined to other vehicles. But most cars are made of steel, which will rust if exposed to constant moisture, humidity, or acidic conditions. The rust can be hard to detect when it occurs in parts of the car nor normally cleaned or not usually seen. It can spread unchecked until it becomes a serious problem. rust can also occur if the paint is scratched off, exposing bare metal.

Advice on Preventing Rust

  • Frequently Clean the vehicle, especially the underside
  • If you drive on salted roads the car should be washed in winter, at least monthly. Salt will cause corrosion.
  • If you live near the ocean there will be salt in the air. Wash frequently
  • Remove any foreign material from the surface of the car. Many things can eat through the paint.
  • Inspect the car for scratches, because any exposed metal is prone to rust. Have any holes in the metal filled and treated by professionals.
  • Keep internal floors clean and dry, especially under mats.
  • Transport all corrosive items (pool supplies, fishing equipment, fertilizer) in sealed containers.
  • Carry wet items, life fishing equipment, or surfboards, externally on a roof rack if possible.

A roof rack provides several advantages. in addition to the extra carry space, they also let you carry wet equipment outside the vehicle, reducing the chance of rust problems.

Jaram’s Aluminium Roof Racks in Perth

Aluminium is light and fairly strong. It also is quite resilient to rust. this makes it ideal for many roof racks.

Steel roof racks are often painted so that they resist rust. Problems are rare unless the paint is scratched.

Gear up with our Tradesman Roof Racks

We can help Tradesman to perform to its potential by fitting your vehicle with the right storage facilities. We have a custom-designed approach for every customer situation.

For more information contact us on 1300 303 681 or visit our website at https://jaram.com.au/

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