The Roof Racks Essentials

Roof Racks Perth

A well-designed, properly fitted roof rack will give years of trouble-free service if it is used correctly. And this is not too difficult. But a badly fitted, or over/under torqued rood rack will damage your car.


If you already have a vehicle it is not too difficult to buy a custom-made roof rack for the ideal fit and design. As long as you know the model and year of the vehicle the suppliers will provide the right roof rack.

Benefits of the roof rack

  • The roof rack allows you to carry more equipment.
  • By carrying equipment on the roof you will free up more space inside the car.
  • By keeping sporting or fishing equipment on the roof you will track less water and dirt inside the car.
  • Roof racks require very little maintenance.

Potential Problems

  • If the roof rack is poorly fitted then grime or even dust can cause scratching of the car paint where the rack meets the vehicle.
  • Straps on the roof rack can also cause wear of paint and damage. This is not a problem if they are securely tied down.
  • If dissimilar metals are used on roof racks, vehicles, and mounting nuts then rust can occur where these dissimilar metals join. The use of proper metals will all but prevent this from occurring.
  • A roof rack will cause greater fuel consumption. This is inevitable as there will always be greater fuel consumption when carrying a heavier load. The wind resistance of the roof rack will also increase fuel consumption, though modern designs minimize this.
  • Your vehicle will have a maximum weight capacity. You cannot exceed this without risking problems. The weight of the rack itself is part of the total weight capacity. Well-designed aluminum roof racks are light while remaining strong.


  • Do not put your vehicle through an automatic car wash if you have a roof rack. There is a high risk that the car wash mechanism will catch on the roof rack and cause damage. Some touchless car washes (using high-pressure water) are safe with roof racks.
  • You cannot drive your vehicle through a low clearance parking lot if you have a roof rack. Get in the habit of avoiding these situations.
  • The torque of the roof rack, and how strongly it is attached to the car, is an important consideration. The rack should have a certain amount of movement to accommodate the movement of the surface it is attached to. If it is too stiff it will cause damage by not flexing with the roof of the car. Alternately, if it flexes too much it can pull against the roof and cause problems.
  • Always lock anything on the roof rack. There are thieves about.

Aluminium Tool Boxes Perth

Consider an aluminium tool box inside the vehicle to provide extra storage that is separated from the passengers and other cargo. This is ideal for tools and rack that are inclined to be dirty.