Goods Return Policy

1.0 Acceptance of goods to be returned.

Jaram Australia will take back and credit the customer if:

1)   Jaram Australia is advised of the need to return  supplied goods within 7 days of receipt of said goods.

2)   Goods to be returned  are returned  in the original packaging, in a saleable condition, clean and complete.

3)   Jaram Australia has initially incorrectly supplied the goods and cannot supply the correct goods.

4)   Jaram Australia has incorrectly manufactured the goods and cannot repair or replace the affected item.

5) The customer accepts responsibility for the freight costs required to return the goods to Jaram.

2.0 Rejection of goods to be returned.

Jaram Australia will not accept the return of goods if:

1)   The product has been fitted previously.

2)   The “End User” changes their mind and no longer requires the product.

3)   The product has been in the possession of the customer for more than seven (7) days and no notification has been given that the goods need to be returned.

4)   The product being returned  is superseded.

5)   The product is missing any components.

3.0 Replacement of stock:- Not applicable

4.0 What happens when:

  • The goods arrive at Jaram, but do not comply with point 1 of “Acceptance of Goods.”
  1. i) Jaram reserves the right to return by courier at the cost to the receiver any goods that have  been  returned   not  in  a  saleable  condition,  original  packaging  or  clean  and complete.

Unfortunately we are unable to refund Rhino-Rack Products purchased from Jaram Australia.

Custom Manufactured Products
Jaram Australia cannot accept custom made products for return. Should an item be faulty or incorrect due to the fault of Jaram Australia we will repair of replace the affected item free of charge under the terms of our 5 year guarantee.

All instances will be considered on a case by case basis. All credits raised will be paid by credit note.

Please remember- Claims are only accepted within seven (7) working days of receipt of goods.

Goods Return Procedure

To enable a fast processing of your claim, please ensure the following items have been addressed.

The goods being requested for return have been brought to Jaram Australia’s attention within the 7 day claim period. (Jaram Australia allows you seven days from receipt of goods to request a credit.)

  • The goods to be returned meet the criteria in point 1.0 of the Jaram Australia Goods Return Policy

Please follow the procedure below prior to returning any goods.

  1. Contact your Jaram Australia Sales consultant on 08 9451 0700
  2. Your Jaram Australia Sales consultant account manager will discuss and advise you whether or not we are able to accept the goods for credit.
  3. If approved for return, a Credit Return Authority (CRA) will be issued to you.
  4. The goods may now be sent back to Jaram Australia with the CRA for immediate processing.

Please note:  If goods arrive back at Jaram Australia without the relevant authority, then we may not be able to provide you with a credit for the goods.

Please read the Goods Return Policy carefully, we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Telephone 08 9451 0700