Protection with a Ute Tool Box

Protection and Ute Tool Boxes

The tools of the trade are essential for the professional tradesperson. Almost every professional invests in good quality tools. We recommend also investing in good quality protection of these tools. This means tool storage that keeps those valuable tools safely under lock and key.

The thought of having your work tools stolen is unbearable. But theft is more common than we might like to think. Many tradespersons keep their work tools in their vehicle, often on the back tray of the ute. This can leave the exposed to theft unless they are kept in lockable storage space.

Need for Ute Tool Boxes

Occasionally tools are stolen by forced entry. This means that a padlock is cut, or a car window is smashed in order to gain access. More often the tools are quickly grabbed when left unattended on the back of a truck. In both cases this situation, this potential theft can be all but eliminated by locking the equipment in Ute tool boxes.

Steel Ute Tool Boxes

Heavy duty, long-lasting Ute tool boxes can be fitted to any truck, van or Utility Vehicle. These can be designed so as not to take up storage space on the vehicle tray. Or they can be designed to leave an appropriate amount of space on the tray for the tasks you require, while still allowing easy access to the tools.

If you need to keep all the storage space on the back tray of the vehicle then you can mount tool boxes underneath the tray, in front of and behind the rear wheels. These are lockable, secure ute tool boxes with a moderate amount of storage room. For some trades, it is often enough to have two of these mounted on the vehicle.

Trades persons who need larger amounts of tool storage can have larger Ute tool boxes mounted on the vehicle tray. These will provide more space for either larger tools, or simply more space for the greater number of tools. If you still need to keep some space on the vehicle back tray, then these boxes can be mounted above the tray, or along the sides. This means there is the full length of the tray available for long items like pipes poles, ladders …etc.

The fact that the steel ute tool boxes are lockable is important to prevent theft. The fact that the lock-in interval is a big advantage. Some older toolbox designs used a padlock. This was too easy for a thief to remove with bolt cutters. An internal lock is far more difficult to break.

Hinges are an often overlooked aspect of tool boxes. Weak hinges can be pried open with a crowbar, leaving the tools open for theft. But strong hinges, hinges that run the entire length of the box, or hinges deeply recessed in the box are far more difficult to break.

Ute Tool Boxes

Good quality steel ute tool boxes are lockable and secure. Keep tools safely stored and easy to access on your trade vehicle.