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4×4 Roof Racks

Getting the Exact Rack For Off – Road Travel

There are a number of systems available including the well-known Heavy duty Rhino Rack and Yakima brands which virtually cover every single vehicle. These are great products we fully recommend them. We can take you through the range to help you come up with exactly the right system for your needs. For very heavy off road work or the best system for low noise and heavy duty accessories, we suggest you look at the Tracklander four wheel drive roof rack range, which is specifically suited to hold up and protect your load in those really rugged conditions.

The Tracklander has a superior load rating in pretty much all situations (up to 4 times in some instances) as its lightweight but extremely durable and strong. You can view the Tracklander site at Tracklander.com.au. Here you can choose the right roof rack for your car as well as check out the load rating, benefits of the range, specifications and much more. Plus if you’re not close to us you can see a multitude of distributors all over the country.

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