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Roof Ventilation for Vehicles

Roof Ventilation for Vehicles

Jaram has a range of durable and cost effective solutions to keep your vehicle cooler inside.  For this purpose, Jaram vents are a great addition to your canopy or van.

These vents will help to reduce the heat inside your vehicle. They’re also designed to prevent the buildup of dangerous fumes,  as when transporting volatile substances.

If you want to use your vehicle as a mobile workstation, then you will likely need an effective ventilation system that you can rely on.

Design and Durability

Jaram has a large range of vents for your ute canopy or van needs. They’re made from various hard wearing, quality materials. Some examples are:

The Slimline Scoop Vent. This is a low profile model which keeps height to a minimum. This vent fits easily to the roof of the vehicle.

The Quality Rotary Vent. This model allows more air extraction whilst keeping rain out.  In addition, rotary vents create a dynamic air stream and allows better air circulation inside your vehicle.

Jaram is your top choice for tough, reliable products and accessories. To see other examples go to the pricing tab and search “vent”.

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