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Jaram 40th Anniversary Package – Commercial Ute Fitouts

Jaram 40th Anniversary Package – Commercial Ute Fitouts

Jaram Australia provides tailored Ute Fitout solutions to maximise the functionality of your vehicle. Achieve the lifestyle you have been looking for…use your vehicle for both work and play. Whether you are carrying ladders and tools, or kayaks, surfboards and your camping gear, the 40th Anniversary Package takes care of it all in style.

  • Non corrosive aluminium and nylon construction
  • Dreamrider styling compliments all makes and models of vans and utes
  • Cross members are fully adjustable to allow all types of loads to be accommodated both on the Dreamrider or on vehicle tray
  • Multiple cross members make loads easier to secure and prevent damage

SMM Ute Canopy

The SMM Ute Canopy is the only canopy in the world that is made from steel, and incorporates the same robotically engineered construction as the vehicle itself. These canopies provide an OEM level of quality and finish with a stylish appearance that looks great on your Ute.

Benefits of SMM Ute Canopy:

  • Steel construction provides enhanced strength and durability.
  • Moulded design to complement your vehicle.
  • Allows for fitment of roof racks up to 100kg load rating.
  • Accessing and securing your canopy is made easy with rear door central locking.
  • Rear window demister ensures visibility is retained in all weather conditions.
  • Vinyl lined interior completes the upmarket presentation of this canopy.

Tracklander Drawers

A set of drawers are the best way to maximise the use of space in the back of your Dual Cab or Extra Cab Ute. Even better, Tracklander drawers extend 100% of the drawer length allowing you to easily access your equipment, and are manufactured from durable galvanised steel, providing the durability that you need whether you are onsite doing your trade or in the remote Australian outback.

Benefits of Tracklander Drawers:

  • Get more out of your vehicle by maximising available space through effective storage.
  • Expensive tools and equipment are kept out of sight and secure.
  • 200kg drawer capacity provides more opportunities for what you can carry, all fully accessible with the 100% extension runner system.
  • Robust steel construction provides greater reliability of operation.


Edgetech Shelving System

Edgetech Bay with Drawer-Rolacase Module Van Storage EdgeTech Vehicle Storage Solutions is a Shelving system designed to give tradespeople the complete edge in organisation and efficiency. Our EdgeTech storage shelving is completely designed and manufactured in Australia using Jaram’s technologically advanced mass production facility. It has the looks to give every tradesperson a professional, clean image whilst being tough enough to handle a rugged life in the trade.

Benefits of Edgetech shelving system:

  • The flexibility of the system and its range of accessories allow you to achieve an efficiency of operation that is tailored to your business.
  • A professional image is achieved with the design and quality of the Edgetech system.
  • Confidently carry all your fittings and equipment with Edgetech’s increased shelf capacity.
  • Save on replacement costs by transferring your Edgetech modules to future vehicles.
  • 5-year Jaram guarantee.


Dreamrider Roof Rack

The latest in advanced trades roof rack design, Dreamrider provides operators with more flexibility with what they can carry, and a faster way of securing the load. The aluminium construction is lightweight but strong, with a stylish appearance designed to complement all late model vehicles. A range of accessories are available with Dreamrider, providing a complete system that can be tailored to how you work. Benefits of Dreamrider Roof Rack:

Benefits of Dreamrider Roof Rack:

  • Improve efficiency and save time when securing your load.
  • Rubber inserted cross members protect your load and prevent load shifting.
  • Versatile design allows a greater variety of loads to be carried.
  • Aluminium construction saves weight.
  • A range of accessories are available to enhance the usability of your roof rack.
  • 5 year Jaram guarantee.


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