Tips to Secure A Load

Aluminium Roof Rack

Roof racks are great if we want to carry extra equipment with our vehicle. All the better if we want to keep the equipment outside the vehicle and away from the passengers, carrying wets fishing gear or fuel containers. And all the better if the equipment would never have fitted inside the vehicle in the first place.

But there are some issues to consider.

  • There is a load/weight limit for your vehicle. For a 4WD or heavy-duty vehicle, this limit is higher than for a small hatchback. The combined weight of the roof rack and the load cannot exceed to total weight limit. And don’t forget that the luggage in the car and the passenger are a fair amount of weight too. Aluminium rook racks are lighters, so they let you carry more weight in luggage.
  • The car handling will be affected by the weight you are carrying. The centre of gravity will be affected by the load you carry on the roof. This will affect the handling of the vehicle, as well as its stability. If the weight is lower the effect is reduced. large items that are low in weight (like two bicycles mounted vertically) should have minimal effect.
  • The distribution of the load on a roof rack is significant. Having more weight over the front wheels will feel different from more weight over the back wheels. A good rule of thumb is to distribute the weight evenly.
  • A roof rack will lower the fuel economy of a car, even when there is no load.
  • Items like surfboards are prone to catching the wind and becoming airborne. These must be very securely tied down, even though they are light. Having a windshield in front of the equipment will be a considerable help.
  • loading and unloading the roof rack will be time-consuming and at least a little awkward. only store items there that need to be accessed once per day.
  • It should be obvious that a load on the roof makes the vehicle taller. You cannot drive under anything with low clearance. You probably cannot use undercover parking lots.
  • Being water-tight is important. It will rain at some point.

Roof Racks Perth

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