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At Jaram we have a range of heavy-duty equipment to cater for the many and varied tasks associated with mining and construction activities. Our equipment has been proven in severe and remote locations for decades. The often-harsh environments are a test of all equipment and call for quality and reliability in the products being used. We know you can't afford time with vehicles out of service due to breakdowns. Often in extreme conditions vehicle roll overs can prove fatal and we have a range of internal ROPS (roll over protective structures) that have been utilised to prevent the collapse of the cabin area, providing a “safety bubble” from which occupants are protected and can escape from.


Over the many years in assisting this industry with quality fitouts, Jaram can provide a secure and well organised lockup for tools and equipment and products that can handle the extreme conditions:

  • Analyse the type of equipment being carried and ensure a secure place is provided. Solid security for high value equipment
  • We can help ensure your vehicles meet the specifications of specific mine sites .
Mining & Civil Vehicle Fitouts
Mining & Civil Vehicle Fitouts 2



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