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Benefits Of Having Ute Tray Tool Boxes

Looking At Ute Tray Tool Boxes And Storage

Keep the company tools and equipment organised and easy to access with Ute tray storage boxes, steel Ute tool boxes, Ute storage boxes, or a Ute draw system.

Good quality storage systems can be fitted to Utes, vans, trucks or other heavy-duty vehicles. These toolboxes and shelves might be outside and exposed to the elements, in the back of a Ute for example. If so, they need to be lockable, and rustproof. Aluminium tools systems and racks are ideal for this. Galvanised steel systems are also a very good option, as the galvanised coating makes them rustproof. Internal storage, inside a van of the closed truck, can be steel, which need not be rustproofed.

Utility vehicles have a large payload area, which is great for workers in many trades. The only real disadvantage of this open payload area is that it cannot be closed. This leaves it exposed to the weather and potential thieves. So if we want to store tools and smaller pieces of equipment on the back of the Ute then we need some secure, lockable toolboxes.

Aluminium toolboxes are weatherproof, and available with lockable lids if required. This is ideal for many trades that use Utility vehicles. Galvanised Steel, which is more heavy-duty, is also ideal.

Advantages of UTE Tray Tool Boxes

  • Easy storage space in the Ute.
  • Easy access to tools from outside the vehicle.
  • Tools can be separated into compartments/draws on some toolboxes.
  • Lockable, for security.
  • The toolbox is securely put in place, so equipment won’t slide about.
  • Fine for delicate equipment like meters.
  • Also fine for keeping heavy tools separate from delicate equipment.
  • Some toolboxes are designed to be removable if required.

A vehicle fitted with toolboxes can look very professional, and be very pragmatic. Companies with professional vehicles might also consider roof racks, floor protection, roll bars, and cargo barriers.

Outfit your vehicle with Jaram’s UTE Tray Tool Boxes

Have the company vehicle look professional and be practical with toolboxes, roof racks, and other equipment storage.


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