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Invest in Tools & A Ute Storage Box

Tools and a UTE Storage Box

A trades person’s tools are an investment. Keeping these, often expensive, items organized and safe is a priority. It is also a priority to have them ready for easy transport when travelling to the job. So many tradespeople have a Ute storage box on their vehicle, which allows their work tools to be permanently housed and ready to go.

Types of UTE Storage Box

There are many types of vehicles, many different trades, and several types of Ute storage boxes. We should choose the right Ute storage box to suit the situation. Different toolboxes have various advantages, but almost any well-made storage system is a good option.

What to look for in all Ute toolboxes:

  • A solid lock. You will need these so tools are not stolen.
  • Mount outside the vehicle. While there are many fine storage options for vans and other vehicles a Ute toolbox will need to stay outside the vehicle.
  • Gas lift opening. This is so the lid opens and shuts gently.
  • Rustproof. The box will be outside at least some of the time, so it will need to be made from galvanized steel, aluminium, or powered-coated metal.
  • Not in the way. You will need the tray on the Ute for many different purposes when working, so you need to keep as much space free as possible. It is a great help to have a Ute toolbox that does not take up room on the Ute tray.

Specific needs in a Ute Toolbox

  • Do you need separate compartments for different tools?
  • Is it large enough for the largest tool?
  • Do you have delicate equipment (a multi-meter) that needs to be stored separately?
  • Can you access the toolbox easily from the side of the vehicle?
  • Can you use the space beneath the toolbox?

Models of UTE Storage Box

Chest Box – This is a sturdy, weatherproof, metal box with a lock that sits firmly in place on the tray of the Ute. Being as wide as the Ute tray it will bold fairly long tools. The only disadvantage is that you cannot use the space on the Ute tray taken up by the toolbox itself.

Saddle Box /Cross box – Having wings on the side that are actually slightly wider than the Ute tray this toolbox sits across the sides of the tray, allowing the space beneath to be kept free. We can easily slide long pipes or other items underneath this storage box.

Mounted under the truck bed, in front or behind the rear wheels. These keep all the tray space clear.

Side mount Boxes – which run along the sides of the truck bed. These are easy to access.

Wheel well boxes – Some smaller Utes have the metal cover for the wheel intruding into the truck bed. These toolboxes fit behind this wheel cover, so the toolbox will not really intrude further into the length of the tray space.

UTE Storage Box

Tools are an investment for your trade. Store them safely in a Ute toolbox. We have various design options for all situations.


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