How To Outfit the Back of The Ute

Utility vehicles are used by so many trade professionals, and more than a few private owners, because they are well suited to carrying large and heavy loads. They are also versatile because the back section of the vehicle can be set up in several different ways.

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Ute Canopy

The only shortcoming of a Utility vehicle is that the open back is not protected from thieves. But there are a few ways to rectify this. One is to convert the Ute with a detachable canopy. This covers the previous open back of the vehicle, so everything inside can be kept safely locked up.
The canopy should be easy to detach so the Ute can still be used for carrying larger loads.

UTE Storage Box

A Ute storage box is another way to keep possession, namely tools, equipment, and materials, safe from theft. Ute storage boxes are very heavy duty, so neither the weather outside nor the tools inside are likely to cause damage. They can keep everything under lock and key.

Steel UTE Tool Boxes

Toolboxes can be mounted under the Utility tray or on top of the tray, depending on the model of the vehicle. By mounting the Steel toolbox underneath we keep the tray completely clear for other loads. This storage toolbox can be locked to protect against theft.

UTE Drawer System

Ute draw systems have an advantage over Ute toolboxes and storage boxes in that they contain several compartments. This is convenient, perhaps even necessary, when carrying a different type of equipment. It allows us to store delicate equipment (electrical multi-meters) separately from heavy, bulky items (hammers and rolls of cable).
Ute draws are often used internally, under a Ute canopy. But that can be designed with a lock and used on the back of an open vehicle.

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