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Full Guide On Aluminium Roof Racks

Almost every 4WD that sees some off-road work, and many that stay on the highways, will be fitted with a roof rack. There are so many ways the roof rack can be used for extra storage space, to carry large items that wouldn’t fit inside the vehicle, or to store items like fuel that we would rather keep away from the passengers. Roof racks are all but essential.

The best roof rack is one designed for the specific make and model of vehicle. But even when we have a custom-designed rack there are a few choices. Roof racks come in several designs that are optimized for several purposes.

One limit with any vehicle is the total weight that can be carried. 4WDs and utilities will allow a larger, heavier payload, but there are still limits. What is often overlooked here is that the roof rack itself is part of the weight. If a vehicle has a total load of 100 kg and the roof rack itself weighs 50 kg then we only have 50 kg left for the luggage, which is limiting. So a lighter roof rack, that is still strong and durable, is always preferable.

Aluminium roof racks are a good option here. They are fairly light but strong enough to carry a considerable load.

Our full range of accessories Roof Racks in Perth

  • Roof Bars – These are very lightweight, but are limited in what they can carry. They are basically two bars that run from one side of the roof to the other.
    Roof bars are fine for fishing rods or surfboards, items that are too large to put inside, and best kept outside because they get wet.
    Roof bars cause minimal drag, so they have minimal impact on fuel consumption.
  • Baskets – These are strong wire mesh baskets, used to carry luggage. They are fairly lightweight, and the mesh provided unlimited places to tie down the load.
    Drag from the baskets is minimal, so fuel consumption is only slightly affected.
  • Full-Length Cages – These are large wire mesh baskets, which run the length of the vehicle. They will allow a larger load while only slightly adding to the total weight.
    Larger roof racks will cause some drag, so fuel consumption will increase.
  • Partial Roof Racks – A few vehicles can have smaller roof racks that only cover the cab or just part of the vehicle’s roof. These are fine for small loads, and on a utility, they leave space open for carrying weight in the back of the vehicle.

Tradesman Roof Racks specialist in Perth

Roof racks are a great addition for work vehicles and 4WDs, carrying extra loads or loads best kept outside the vehicle. Talk to our friendly team today for your tradesman roof racks!


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