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Considerations When Outfitting Company Vehicles

Considerations When Outfitting Company Vehicles

Operating your own business is a challenge. But many people enjoy being their own boss, and it can be very satisfying to build a working company.

The first step in many small businesses is buying a suitable company vehicle, and outfitting it in the appropriate manner. The usually means outfitting a van or truck with aluminium tool boxes and other means or equipment storage.

Every company business and every vehicle is a little different. So we need to customize the vehicle to suit our needs.

Things to consider when outfitting your vehicles

What equipment does your Business need?

If you have a truck for your business you are probably planning to move a fair amount of heavy equipment or supplies. Will you need to store all of this in the truck? Will you only need to use some of this equipment at any one time, or will you need access to all of these resources all of the time. Will you store most of the equipment at your business premises and use the truck to only transport what is needed for each job?

Look at having general-purpose tools stored in the truck on a permanent basis. And then having easy-to-access storage areas for specific supplies only needed for specific jobs. Consider a Ute for storage space, or a trailer if you need even more space.

A van with side and back doors is one good option. The back doors can access slide-out toolboxes and draws. The side door can access the general storage space.

A slight difference in van size can make all the difference. A slightly large can take two standard road cases. A smaller van can only take one, with the remaining space perhaps left unused.

Talk to a Specialist

Correctly designing and outfitting your vehicle can be daunting. We recommend consulting a specialist.

We may not know in advance what we will be needing in the future. But others with experience in the industry will have a fair idea. Look at what works for others, and be open to modifying this and developing new approaches.

Once a vehicle is set up correctly you will find it remains usable for several years, or until you modify your business. Professional tool boxes, ute drawer system, and racks are built to last.


Vehicle licensing is a little complex and varies between different states. a large van might be considered a bus if it has more than 5 seats. Or the license might be different if you have storage facilities. Make sure you have the correct licensing and insurance.

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