Company Vehicles, Aluminium Roof Rack

Company Vehicles, Aluminium Roof Rack

Company Vehicles can be part of a company’s presentation. To some extent, they help to advertise the business. If you are part of or starting, a company you might want to look into developing any company vehicles. This helps employees adopt a professional attitude, and helps build a feeling of solidarity. Storage space, such as toolboxes or an Aluminium Roof Rack is also part of many company vehicles


A company logo on the side of a Ute of the car is the very least you can do for your company. Many people take this far further and paint the car in the company colors. Alternatively, you can have the same company colors and logo with a vehicle wrap. This semi-permanent film covers the outer surface of the vehicle (covers the outer paint), printed in whatever colors and patterns you prefer.

Storage Space

Storage space is an important factor. It probably should be seen as several factors for some trades. We can outfit a Ute, van, or heavy vehicle to carry all the tools of the trade. And have the vehicle standing by ready to be used, no need to load up the equipment each time.

Tool boxes Perth

Most trades use an assortment of tools, from plumbers to electricians. This is easy to accommodate with a permanently installed toolbox of two. A Ute storage box means the tools are ready loaded, the vehicle ready for action.

Steel Ute tool boxes

These will hold many heavy tools and items. Great if this is what the trade needs.

Ute draw System

Some trades need tools sorted into categories. Having drawers in the vehicle is great for this sort of thing. electrician, or computer and TV repair people do well to have sets of tool draws in their vehicles.

Aluminum Roof Rack

Aluminum roof racks are light, yet are capable of holding a fair amount of weight. In fact, their lightness helps them to carry more weight, as the weight limit is set by the vehicle. A lighter roof rack means that a little more weight can be carried by the vehicle.

Talk to Jaram about outfitting your company vehicle for your type of work.