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Choosing The Right Ute Tool Boxes

General Ute Tool Boxes

If we have a Utility Vehicle we probably find we use it for many purposes, from shopping to transporting heavy cargo. If the Utility vehicle is used professionally, used for a trade, then it will almost certainly be used to carry tools on a regular basis.

Professionals such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, farmers, cleaners, technicians and others who work with their hands will need tool storage in their vehicle. The type of tools they have, their frequency of use, and their sheer number will have a huge influence of the type of tool storage they need. The size of the vehicle will also be important. Ute tool boxes allow easy access to tools, sometime even when the rest of the vehicle is shut.

Mounting Ute Tool Boxes

Ute tool boxes can be mounted to the vehicle in several ways. The two most common options are on top of the tray at the back of the Ute, or underneath the tray, behind the rear wheel. By mounting on top of the tray we can have a larger toolbox. By mounting underneath we probably have a smaller tool box, but we keep all the luggage space on the tray.

If we mount underneath the tray we can have a tool box on either side of the vehicle. This will help distribute the weight evenly.

Advantages of Ute Tool Boxes

  • Neat, convenient storage space in the Ute
  • Easy access to tools from outside the vehicle
  • Tools and equipment can be separated into compartment/draws on some toolboxes.
  • Separation of delicate equipment and heavy tools.
  • Lockable, for security
  • A toolbox is securely attached, so equipment won’t slide about.
  • Welded sides are smooth, so there are no sharp edges.
  • Movable shelves inside the tool box, arranged to suit your tools.
  • Optional small containers inside the tool box, to separate and sort small objects.

Ute Tool Boxes

Have your company Ute fitted out with Ute tool boxes. Look professional and always be prepared for the job at hand.


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