Roof Racks

Vehicle Roof Rack Systems

Make the most of your vehicle’s storage capacity by adding engineered, high-performance roof rack systems by Jaram Australia.

Your vehicle’s roof offers prime real estate for the storage and transportation of bulky equipment. Roof racks for 4WD and commercial vehicles are designed to secure your equipment efficiently for transport.

A Comprehensive Range of Vehicle Roof Racks

Jaram offers a comprehensive range of vehicle roof racks made of high performance, durable materials. Our roof racks are manufactured from either aluminium, alloy, or standard steel, available in a variety of models, from bar systems to full-length roof racks.

Made for the Toughest Conditions

All of Jaram’s products are designed and manufactured in Australia, designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our 4WD roof racks are highly resistant to the effects of vehicle movement and to corrosion.

Strong and streamlined, our roof racks not only handle heavy loads but offer superior aerodynamics and can accommodate movement even over rough terrain.

A Trusted Roof Rack Provider

Jaram has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and installing 4WD roof racks for both commercial and recreational vehicles. We give you just the right blend of style and efficiency, for an effective, yet aesthetically pleasing roof rack system.

Jaram always puts your needs first. Browse our full selection of vehicle roof racks below.