Case Studies


A metro Shire had invested in light trucks with steel canopies as part of the service division. Their responsibility was to maintain the local public facilities throughout the metro region.
The requirement of accommodating two, long, heavy duty ladders to perform their roles was paramount. Storage inside the canopy wasn’t available, yet to load the ladders onto the roof was clearly an OH&S issue. adobe creative cloud . This had been a concern to the Shire for some time, and was resulting in inefficient operation.
Thus Jaram Australia were approached to assess and review the issues, and to provide a solution to the satisfaction of OH&S requirements and the operator’s expectations. After having reviewed the situation, a recommendation was proposed to install Jaram Australia’s Ladder Lift System.
The Ladder Lift System enables quick and easy access to the ladders while preventing risk to the operator and the ladders themselves. It is operated from the ground so there’s no need to lift heavy loads above your shoulders. my domain . It automatically secures the ladders so that climbing up onto the vehicle is prevented.
The Shire have now proceeded to have a number of vehicles fitted with this excellent system which in turn has proven to have prevented back injury, saved them time, and provided safe working conditions for their staff.

Community Services Group based in Armadale

This company approached Jaram Australia to provide a storage solution for their new vans.

Previously, tools were being damaged in transport, they were being stored incorrectly, being misplaced and damaged, and there had been a lot of downtime looking for equipment.

Each vehicle build was tailored to the driver’s requirements so that secure areas for each piece of machinery were created.  Whipper snipper cradles provided a quick to secure system, mower restraints fitted so that no tying of ropes were required, the provision for rakes, brooms and shovels were created above the floor of the vehicle to provide greater usable areas for larger items.  Not only do they drivers of the vehicle enjoy a clean and easy to work with system, though management now also experience Jaram Australia’s efficiency solutions to improve their profitability.

Hydraulic Service Company based in Osborne Park

This company is a leading Australian supplier and repairer of hydraulic hose systems. Having previously used light trucks with a custom service body fitted, the decision was made to replace these with new high roof vans. For their on-site servicing, it was essential that the van incorporated a large amount of storage, as well as installation and access to specialist machinery.

The fit out by Jaram has greatly improved operator efficiency and comfort. The use of the heavy-duty Fleet Shelving system maximises storage of the many different shapes and sizes of hose fittings, all of which are available at the operator’s finger tips inside the van, and a carefully located work bench allows for component assembly.

A separate work station is located at the rear of the van for hose assembly. Here, the operator can perform various processes to hydraulic hose in one location. A heavy duty slide is provided for the hose cutting machine to provide safe and efficient work platform for this process.

Less time on-site, enhanced efficiencies and improved operator comfort and safety are just some of the benefits to the business owner with this fit out. In addition, by maximising your vehicles storage capacity your operator can be making more money on the job instead of wasting time coming back to the workshop to re-stock.

Construction Company based in Fremantle WA

This is a WA-based contracting company specialising in civil concrete construction and labour supply in WA and NT.

This company needed a vehicle on site at a major new mine project within 2 weeks. A vehicle had been purchased, but to satisfy site entry criteria, it needed upgrading to mine-spec.  Other suppliers advised that a minimum of 5-6 weeks was required to get the items required for the mine-spec.

The company contacted Jaram Australia. Utilising their in-house expertise in mine spec vehicle equipment, as well as an established network of trusted suppliers, Jaram was able to complete the build within 7 days of confirmation.

The rapid turnaround on the fit out allowed the customer to get the vehicle onto the mine site and operational at the required start-date of the project, so that no delays were experienced and saving the customer from the resulting costs and loss of revenue.

In addition the company had a vehicle with quality equipment that would not let him down on the job.