Australian Utes

A place for Steel Ute Tool Boxes

Different cultures may have different motor vehicles, and may have different words for the similar motor vehicles. Australian will talk about a Ute, which is short for Utility Vehicle. The first Utility Vehicle was developed in Australia by the Ford company in 1933, so Australians have a solid claim to both the concept and the name. Other car companies started to produce utes shortly after the Ford model, the idea already being developed independently. The car soon proved popular with farmers and tradespeople.

A ute is a two-wheel drive vehicle with an enclosed driver/passenger compartment for two or three people at the front and a cargo tray along the back. They are often a modification of a conventional sedan.

Most utes are not designed for heavy-duty loads, or for rough conditions. They are not really off-road vehicles like 4WDs. But they are more than capable of carrying large loads, which is why they are often used for trades like plumbing and cleaning, or as electricians’ vehicles.

The back tray of the Ute is not enclosed. This means that either the cargo is left exposed, or that the cargo is protected by some steel Ute tool boxes. If we want to leave the Ute ready for work some steel Ute tool boxes are essential.

Using Steel Ute Tool Boxes

We can keep equipment permanently packed in steel Ute tool boxes, secure under lock and key. This means a company Ute can be always ready for work with everything prepacked. This makes for an efficient company operation.

Often the company business will prefer to retain as much space on the Ute tray as possible. Many steel Ute tool boxes accommodate this need. Some tool boxes can be fitted beneath the Ute tray, in front of, or behind the wheels. Alternately, large lockable steel Ute tool boxes can be fitted on the top of the tray. There is also the option to mount the toolbox above the tray, leaving space below. Allow long items like piping to be kept underneath the storage tool boxes.

Steel Ute tool boxes are lockable, watertight, and rust resistant enough to last for years, probably longer than the ute itself. They are a sound investment for any trade.

Steel Ute Tool Boxes

Be professional with the right equipment. Have the van or Ute fitted with steel Ute tool boxes to hold the tools of the trade.