Aluminium Roof Rack

Aluminium Roof Rack Perth

Nearly every 4WD that goes off-road, or even cross-country, will use a roof rack. It is just so convenient to have that extra storage space on top of the vehicle that a roof rack will provide. And while there are compromises to be made with a roof rack, usually the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

There a many different options for roof racks, and a few things that need to be understood before they are used.

– If you don’t need a roof rack then don’t use one. It will save money, and give you better clearance. A detachable roof rack is a viable option.

– Roof racks will cause some drag when driving. This means your vehicle will use more fuel.

– Roof racks will add some height to the vehicle, so you cannot go under low clearance entrances, like underground car parks. This is mostly an issue when you have luggage on the rack and less of an issue when the rack is empty.

– Having weight on the top of the vehicle changes the centre of gravity. We need to take be careful here and keep the weight to a minimum and as low down as possible. We also need to make sure the weight is even, not all on one side, or all at the back.

– There is a legal weight limit for every vehicle. Past this point the vehicle becomes difficult to handle, even dangerous. It is too easy to forget that the roof rack is part of this total weight and not just the load in the rack. 100Kg is about the limit for most 4WD vehicles.
A light roof rack allows us to carry a heavier load because there is the less overall weight. An aluminium roof rack is often the best option here.

– Sometimes it is not a case of using a roof rack because we need more space. It is a case of wanting to keep the items outside the vehicle. Fuel tanks (petrol or diesel), LPG bottles, camp toilets, fishing gear – these are things best kept outside and away from the passengers.

Aluminium Roof Rack Perth

We have custom roof racks for every make and model of vehicle. These are sturdy, long-lasting, and allow the maximum weight capacity with the best aerodynamics.