Accessibility and The Ute Storage Box

Vehicles and the Ute Storage Box

For emergency work a matter of a few seconds can make all the difference. So equipment, supplies and anything they might be needed has to be readily accessible. Often there is no way to know in advance what equipment will be required, so everything has to be at hand, yet also be properly secured for travel.

Custom designed equipment storage for vehicles can help in many situations. Critical equipment can given quick access storage, so it is there at a moments notice. This type of storage is also more durable and low maintenance. So it is both efficient and cost-effective in the long term.

A Ute storage box is securely attached to the vehicle. It will hold secure when the vehicle is moving while still keeping delicate devices and equipment safe. If the ute storage box is on the outside of the vehicle, as is often the case with a ute, the lid can be given a secure theft-proof lock.

A Ute drawer system can also be used to hold smaller items. These will be secure and readily available when needed. Staff will need to know where each item belongs, and always return it to the same dedicated space. An item is only in easy reach if the staff knows exactly where it is.

Ute Storage Box

Aluminium and steel ute tool boxes provide safe secure storage for tools and equipment, with each access.