4WD Accessories

There are many accessories that we can add to a 4WD. Unlike the additions to a regular car the accessories for a 4WD tend to be solid, bolt-on mechanical apparatus that are functional rather than luxurious.

Bull Bars
These are protective devices, but can also be used to mount other equipment from lights to water bags.

Bull bars will protect the front of the vehicle from a collision with an animal. This is something that can easily be underestimated. A collision with a kangaroo can cause serious damage to a vehicle, perhaps leaving it undrivable. The protective bars can prevent this damage. Even if the bull bar subsequently needs replacing, it has done its job protecting the vehicle and passengers.

A well-designed bull bar will be moderately light, so it will not affect the vehicle function or affect the weight limit beyond a small degree. It should be designed so that it does not affect the headlights or any parking sensors on the car. It may incorporate room for a winch.

Roof Racks Perth

Possibly the most versatile addition to any 4WD. The amount of extra storage space afforded by a roof rack makes all the difference for long trips. It also proves useful for ski equipment, surf boards, bikes, and anything else adventurous-minded people might enjoy.

Roof racks need to be both light and strong. All vehicles, including heavy 4WDs, have weight limits. A reasonably light roof rack means there is more weight allowance for heavy equipment.

Ute Tool boxes

Making the occasional on-road repair is an unfortunate fact of life, though most of us will hopefully never have to deal with anything worse than changing the tire. But we need tools for even the most basic repair or maintenance. An inbuilt tool box proved invaluable here. Have the equipment stored ready to use. And, importantly, separated from all the other luggage.

Tool boxes are also useful for the equipment we might need for repairing bikes, skis, or other things we take on a trip.